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a line drawing of a bean wearing sunglas



You Say Vol. 2


Live performance, 35 min, 2023

Commissioned for Roskilde Festival, Denmark, July 2023.


Not Something You Say


Installation, 30 mins, looped, 2023

Painted steel and Perspex structure, three channel HD video, three channel audio, variable lighting, aluminium frames, miscellaneous props


Live performance, 30 min, 2023

The performances had variable starting and end points

Video of performance here

Is This All There Is

Artist's studio desk during first year studying at the Royal Academy Schools

69 x 183 cm, 2019

Ring Ring

Digital print on curtains

340 x 240 cm

Shown as part of RA Schools Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London, June 2023.


The single 'Radical' was released in conjunction with the show.


Listen to Radical youtube / spotify

Circumbendibus Vol. 1 & 2

Live performance, 25 min, 2022

Performed at Open Studios, Royal Academy of Arts, London, November 2022

and at within Guendalina Cerruti's exhibition Ohh... Youth!, V.O Curations, London, November 2022.

Video of performance here



Circumbendibus chronicles the killing off and eventual resurrection of a former alter ego, and elaborated on criticism she received and the artist's own frustration with the narcissistic character. Working from a script for the first time, Blum embodied a range of voices and roles using monologue and song. She also laments a period of renovations she underwent at her flat, and of the unfortunate encounters with ‘the BOYS’, thinking through gender stereotypes, heteronormative queerness, false binaries, and dust.


Dust which settles on literally every surface, ends up in every god damn crack, in my hair, in her lungs, all over the house, FOR EVER AND ALL ETERNITY. 



The annotated performance script was published as an A5 publication, edition of 50. Email to purchase one (£25).


A mixtape containing live recordings of the tracks written for ‘Circumbendibus’ was released in early 2023.

Listen to Circumbendibus (Live) mixtape youtube / spotify